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Photo Save the Date Magnets from Beau Coup

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I’m proud to announce that Beau Coup has finally released photo save the date magnets. They have a good selection of reasonable priced magnets ($1.80 each) available. These Save the Dates come in horizontal or vertical styles that are sized at 3.5 x 2 inches which is smaller than most similar Save the Date cards but about right for magnets. The quality is good and the they have a selection of over 20 magnets to choose from. Unfortunately you can not actually preview the magnet with your own customized picture like at Wedding Paper Divas. Instead you send your picture via email once the order has been placed.

Photo save the Dates magnet Beau Coup

Example: Beat As One Magnet
Here is an example of one of the Save the Date magnet designs available.

Beat as One magnet card

Photo Save the Date Magnet

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Photo Save the Date Magnets are one of the most popular choices for newly engaged couples. They allow the combination of selecting a personalized picture with the convenience of magnets so that guests can remember the wedding date. If you have taken engagement photos this can be the perfect opportunity to put the professional photos to use and share the pictures with your loved ones.

Alluring Affection
Alluring Affection is one of the most popular Photo Save the Date magnets sold by MagnetStreet Weddings. It features a aqua green teal color motif with a floral pattern. You can choose a black and white or color photo to complement the card. It’s designed by Jenny one of my favorite designers from MagnetStreet. It’s fairly reasonably priced at $1.49 per card and you can purchase coordinating envelopes and address labels for an additional fee.

Save the Dates magnet card

Custom Caricature Save the Date Magnets from Beau-Coup

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For a unique Save the Date magnet that is sure to stand out be sure to check out the custom caricature save the date magnets from These magnets are sure to immortalize your wedding date on the refrigerators of your family and friends. It’s definitely a bit different than the typical photo magnet.

The way it works is that you send in a picture of you and your significant other. They then enlist the help of graphic design artists to create a cute almost cartoon like caricature of the picture that you sent them. In addition, you can include Save the Date information such as your names, the date of your wedding, a special message to your guests, and even your wedding website url. The magnets come in a 2 inch by 3 inch size that can be mailed in any standard 3.5 inch by 5 inch envelope. You need to send your photo to via email in a jpg, tiff, or GIF format. When you order they also provide up to 2 proofs for your review.

Please note that due to the lead time required for developing the custom caricatures you will need to allow 5-8 business days before they ship and so it will most likely take 2 weeks to receive them. So if you are in a rush this may not be the best option. The Save the Date magnet caricatures come in a variety of designs. Some of the sample designs are listed below. You can choose the design that best meets the theme of your wedding. For example, for a wedding in Napa you can choose the “Wine Country” design.

If you prefer more basic Save the Date magnets you can check out Beau-Coup’s entire selection of Save the Date magnets.

VistaPrint Save the Date Magnets

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VistaPrint Wedding

VistaPrint is more well known for making business cards and other personalized office stationary. But they also offer custom magnets. This includes custom Save the Date magnets that can include any picture that you want to upload. They are currently offering a promotion for 50% off wedding Save the Date magnets. It’s a great chance to get affordable and good quality Save the Date magnets. They have some of the lowest prices available. To get the 50% off please be sure to click on “PHOTO MAGNETS”. You will get a pop up where you can select “STYLES” and of course choose “WEDDING”.

VistaPrint Save the Date Magnet

Save the Date Magnets from MagnetStreet Weddings

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MagnetStreet Weddings forte is wedding Save the Date magnets. They have a large selection that includes not only Save the Date magnets, but also mini magnets, photo booth magnets, heart shaped magnets, and even postcards. They also offer standard cards and even wedding invitations.

Modern Love Save the Date Card

Plum Blossoms Save the Date Card

Sand Dollar Save the Date Card

Something Blue

This wedding Save the Date magnet features a grey antique background with a powdery blue strip across the center. You can customize it with a photo of you and your fiance. I think black and white photos work best.

Flirty Flourish
I really like the blue and brown color scheme on this wedding Save the Date magnet. The cursive fonts bring a happy tilt that makes me smile each time I see it.

This is one of my favorite Save the Date magnets. It’s so simple and beautiful and you can pick whatever pic works best for you.

Delicate Pattern
Can you tell that one of my favorite color combinations is brown and pink? This Save the Date magnet has a beautiful selection of colors that go together quite well. The brown font on pink really stands out and highlights the couple’s name. Of course the ampersand & symbol is over sized to emphasize the union of the couple.

Beach Save the Date Cards & Magnets

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Are you getting married in a tropical location with beautiful, white sandy beaches? Or do you just love the beach in general? Then a beach save the date card or beach save the date magnet may be the perfect choice. You are not alone if this is the cases as these are some of the most popular Save the Dates.

Florida Beach Magnet
While this is a card with a picture of a Florida beach, you can use this even if you are not getting married in Florida. The imagery is of this card conjures up beautiful white sand and crystal blue water. Such a peaceful and inviting image for your upcoming nuptials.

A Sea of Love Beach Card
If you prefer cards instead of magnets then you also have many options. This beach Save the Date magnet features a heart carved out in the sand with the ocean foam rolling in above. A small sea shell sits right next to the heart. It would be better if you could have your own names carved in the sand but that would be a lot more work and effort. So this is the next best thing.

Save the Date Heart Magnets

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If hearts are your thing then heart shaped Save the Date magnets could be just right for you. These are special custom made magnets that are cut to be the shape of a heart. And of course the heart is a perfect symbol of love to share with your friends and relatives. If having a custom shaped magnet is not enough you can further personalize it by including a photo of you and your fiancé. Though if you would like a simpler design there are Save the Date heart magnets that do not include custom photos. Please note that these magnets require additional production time of 10 days. So if you are in a rush then unfortunately you will probably need to choose a more basic square or rectangular design.

Heart Shaped Photo Booth Magnet
The Photo Booth version of this magnet is from MagnetStreet Weddings. It is designed by Jen and features a photo booth strip of pictures along the left and another picture on the right. In white font on the black background it asks your guests to “Please Save the Date” and includes your wedding information in the middle.

Heart Shaped Sheer Romance Save the Date
Sheer Romance is a heart shaped Save the Date magnet that does not feature a personalized photo. Instead it has a pleasant pink and brown color pattern with vertical and horizontal stripes at the top. Your wedding date is written in a unique cursive font. Your last names are written in a light brown with your first names overlayed in a smaller white font which is a nice touch.

Photo Booth Save the Date Magnets

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Can’t decide which of your engagement pictures to include in your photo for your Save the Date magnet? Want to include multiple pictures? Then Photo Booths Magnets may be just what you are looking for. Here are some examples:

Made for Each Other

Long in Style

The photo booth Save the Date on the left is called Made for Each Other and I adore the black and white almost film strip like look. It is simple and striking. You can use color photos or black and white photos but I think you know what I prefer. Please do note that it is recommend to use higher resolution photos. Actual photos taken in a photo booth do not tend to come out very well.

The photo booth Save the Date magnet on the right is called Long in Style. This one works better with color photographs and features photos laid out in a whimsical style with white borders. It’s perfect if you have had engagement pictures taken as you can choose 3 matching photos.

Save the Date Mini Magnets

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Sometimes it’s better to be “mini” than large. This can certainly be the case with Save the Date magnets. If you want something a little smaller then you are in luck. Many vendors offer Save the Date Mini Magnets that are similar to the standard size magnets in most of the same designs. In addition, you actually can save some money vs. the larger sizes because of the fact that the mini magnets are less expensive to produce.

Oftentimes they are more vertical instead of being squarish which some people find more pleasing. Below are examples of two mini magnets that I really like called Fancy Blossoms and Organic Beauty.

Save the Date Mini Magnets

Fancy Blossoms Mini Save the Date Magnet

Organic Beauty Save the Date Magnet

My Wedding Favors Save the Dates Vine Magnets

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Do you want to have a picture of yourself and your honey on your Save the Date magnet? If so check out the Save the Dates Vine Magnets from My Wedding Favors.

These card feature a lovely garden style and are business card-sized magnets. They can be custom printed to include the couples names and the wedding date printed in a high-gloss finish. The Save the Dates Vine Magnets measures 1.9 inches by 3.2 inches. They can be purchased in a minimum quantity of 20 and come in a variety of colors. At $2.00 per card they are reasonably priced for custom magnets. They also come in a variety of colors and the picture can be sent via email to be included.

Please send photos to

Make Your Own Magnets

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With the nearly unlimited selection of save the dates online, chances are you can find a design similar to what you envision. To take your idea to the next level, however, you can also create your own save the dates magnets, giving them greater meaning and more significance than traditional reminders.

At, our editors consulted with some leading wedding planners who shared their step by step tips on how to create your very own save the date magnet:

First, you’ll want to use design software such as Photoshop. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, consider Photoshop Elements, or even the open-source GIMP design suite. These tools will help you realize professional results in less time, and you can even have your work refined by a professional graphic designer.

To start, set your canvas size to the envisioned size of the magnet. Once you have your canvas set, you should create several layers to try out your ideas – you can import photos, add blocks, gradients and, of course, text in varied fonts and colors. Experiment with the designs and get feedback from your spouse and relatives until you’ve settled on a design that you like. Once you have a solid design, save it in high resolution as a vector (.ai or .psd file) and take it to a local printing shop.

Now, you have a few options: you can either pay the printer to produce your design directly on magnetic stock, or you can print it on card stock and glue it to a magnetic material (this will save money, but can take time and patience.) Either way, it will feel great to know you’ve designed your own announcements.