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Coupons and Discounts to Save $ on Save the Dates

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Want to save some some money on your Save the Date cards or magnets? In tough economic times we all need a deal of some kind. So we have collected Save the Dates coupons and discounts from various vendors to make it easier to find less expensive options (we prefer not to say cheap Save the Dates). Although not always available, sometimes online stores will have discounts for a limited time period or special coupon codes. We monitor what is currently being offered on a weekly basis so you can be informed before you buy. We’ve also included advice on how to get less expensive options in general. You can still get fantastic cards for as little as 79 cents per card if you know where to shop. It definitely pays to shop around to get the best value as we know everyone could use a little extra savings these days. Please note many of these offers expire so pay attention to the specifics of the Save the Date promotion.

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