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Thermography or Letterpress Save the Date Cards

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Most Save the Dates are printed using digital offset printing which is essentially flat printing. To get a more unique Save the Date card you may want to look at Thermography or Letterpress. I think these are upgrades that can be really worth it. For those of you who are not familiar with it, thermography is a beautiful way to create unique wedding Save the Dates. Be warned that it can be expensive but it’s a wonderful effect to see the raised elements on a fine weight paper stationary card. While I won’t explain the entire process it is similar to engraving. A special powder is injected into the ink when printed on paper. The paper is then heated and the powder and ink combine together when drying to form a raised effect.

Wedding Paper Divas has a wonderful collection of Thermography Save the Date Cards. Some of my favorite designs are below.

Thermography can be found on wedding invitations, letterheads, greeting cards, business cards, etc. While it is pricey compared to flat printing it is often called the economical version of letterpress. I’ve even heard it called the cubic zirconia of letterpress as only a distinguishing eye can tell the difference!

Letterpress printing is a very similar raised printing process that is even more expensive than Thermography. It is a much older process that that involves moveable type and images. In this process the surface of the typeface is inked and then pressed in the card that works well for graphic designs. Letterpress has became increasingly popular as it allows designers to do unique custom cards. Letterpress is very time intensive and for every color it costs more so be careful in choosing a design and colors. Unfortunately, Wedding Paper Divas does not offer Letterpress Save the Dates. They do offer Letterpress Wedding Invitations.

Tallu-lah Letterpress Save the Dates

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Tallu-lah is a Stationary company founded by Danielle Spinetta that focuses on Letterpress designs. You can find Tallu-lah products in boutiques across the United States. In her previous career, Danielle was the manager of multi-million dollar Gap Inc. stores and Store Communications for Old Navy. She also managed Union Street Papery in San Francisco. In her spare time she is also an event planner.

Chic Stamp
This is my all time favorite Save the Date card from Tallu-lah. It is fun and elegant with monogrammed initials in the center and your personal photo that you can spend hours choosing to find the perfect Save the date photo. Remember that postage will be more expensive with square cards! This square Save the Date comes in begonia, plum, and tropical. Basically that means you can pick from pink, purple, and blue.

Fashionable Foliage
I am a big fan of Lettepress Save the Dates. This design has a modern flair and I love the leaves and the interspersed color. The card is printed using the fine thermography of William Arthur which is absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t believe me remember that you can order a sample Save the Date card for this or any Wedding Paper Divas design for only $1.00. Please remember that while Lettepress Save the Date cards are things of beauty they also are more expensive. If you order 100 cards it comes out to $3.57 each.