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Wedding Favor Guide

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You’ll want to leave your guests with a parting gift so they will always remember the excitement of your special day. While you will, of course, have pictures and videos of the event, you can leave your guests with special save the dates mementos that they can keep and cherish for years to come:

Collector’s Event Coasters
A great way to incorporate wedding favors with a special message is to imprint a custom text or engraving on coasters or tablemats. That way, you can create a functional piece that provides a number of benefits during the event itself, enhancing the presentation of the tables, as well as providing your guests with a gift they can keep in their homes.

Specialized Wine Bottles
Most wedding events feature wine that is carefully selected by the bride or groom – you can take this idea a step further by printing custom wine labels that reflect the event, as well as providing a sense of customization to the event. Just think of the possibilities: rather than having just a traditional Merlot or Shiraz label, you can create a special label just for the bride and groom, taking a traditional red wine to new heights.

Wedding Photo Albums and Picture Frames
One of the great benefits of having a special event are the timeless memories that are created, and hiring a professional photographer to capture the events is a great way to share in the celebration with those you care about. While sending out digital copies of photos or even physical prints with a thank you card is a good idea, you can take it a step further by giving each guest a custom photo frame or album to give the pictures a special placement.

Creative Table Seating Assignments
Taking table seating to a whole new level, you can utilize the seating assignments to provide a special ambiance to the event. You can use virtually any type of item to denote the table assignments, and should focus on items of particular important to the bride, groom and families. For example, if the groom is a baseball player, you may want to provide a mini-stadium with the guests in a particular section, and if the bride is an attorney, you can create a virtual mini-courtroom for her guests’ seating assignments.