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Everything You Need for Wedding Communications

Celebrating a wedding with friends and family is one of the greatest joys of marriage. And selecting personalized Save the Dates to mark the occasion can ensure the event has your own special touch. Going beyond just invitations, save the date reminders are used to provide communications with your guests from the very beginning of your engagement, all the way to the thank you cards after the special day:

Engagement Announcements
As soon as the groom “pops” the question, your guests will want to celebrate the occasion – by sending out an announcement to your expected guest list. Luckily, you can start the celebration well ahead of time! Engagement announcements provide an opportune way to reach out to long distance friends and family, as well as opening up communications and giving an expected time frame to your guests.

Wedding Announcements
Once you have solidified your actual event day and details, you can issue wedding invitations that invite your guests to celebrate in a magical day. There are a wide variety of design and format selections that you can chose, ranging from traditional cards to exciting ideas such as customized puzzles, where the date is revealed upon completion.

Guest Favors
You’ll want to provide you guests with gifts to help them remember the special day, and a “day of” save the date gift can ensure the memories of the special day will remain with your friends and family for years to come. Often times, wedding planners integrate the favors in with table seating assignments in a unique form to integrate save the dates into the event itself.

Gift Thank You Cards
When thanking your guests for attending (and providing much appreciated registry gifts), you’ll want to take your thank you cards to the next level. A great idea is to create custom save the dates thank you cards which allow you to combine custom designs with hand-written notes, ensuring that you show full appreciation for your guests.

In fact, the type of save the dates you use are limited only by your imagination. Depending on the particular type of wedding, you may want to use special save the dates – for example, destination weddings often use “messages in a bottle” for destination weddings or provide a custom label on a bottle of wine as a parting gift for your guests. Virtually any printed source can provide an anchor for your idea and there are countless artists that will work with you to craft the perfect implementation.