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There are many types of Save The Dates. Some of the most common types are as follows:

Save the Date Cards
These are the most popular type and what most people think of in terms of Wedding Save the Dates. There are endless designs and usually the cards include matching envelopes and return address labels. The actual card is usually quite simple in design and includes details on the wedding date and location. These cards often can be printed on heavier weight paper to provide a more formal tone. In some cases the couple include a photo of themselves that can be either digitally printed or applied via double sided tape or glue to the card. Please keep in mind that if you choose a square shaped Save the Date card that there is an added postage surcharge.

Save the Date Photo Cards
Photo Cards can be an inexpensive way to send Save the Dates. These are similar to Holiday photo cards and usually include a photo of the couple (hence the name) and the basic information about the wedding. These can be purchased at many photo processing vendors such as Costco or Walgreens. Usually there are some basic templates that allow customization of some text and the photo. Photo cards can often be the cheapest save the dates in terms of options.

Save the Date Magnets
One of the most popular choices is Save the Date Magnets. Magnets have the benefit of allowing guests to post the Save the Date on their home refrigerator so that the important wedding date will not be forgotten. Oftentimes the couples choose to include a picture of themselves. Often this is a photo chosen from the engagement photos of the couple.

Modern Love Save the Date Card

Plum Blossoms Save the Date Card

Sand Dollar Save the Date Card

Save the Date Postcards
Another great option is Save the Date postcards. These are just like save the date cards but allow one to save money by avoiding envelopes. This decreases the cost of materials and saves money in terms of the postage fees (currently $0.27 for postcard vs. $0.44 for a letter). That 17 cents can really add up if you are inviting hundreds of guests.

Save the Date Stickers
Stickers are similar to magnets but can often be less expensive and allow the guests to place the sticker anywhere they choose.

Save the Date Email Invites
Some people have chosen to forgo the physical Save the Date and go with a virtual email Save the Date instead. This is pretty much the cheapest way to go as it does not require any material costs. However, to do it properly we suggest making sure to create a beautifully designed template for your email that includes a photo. Also, make sure when you send it out to send to people individually one at a time or if you are sending in mass then send to guests as BCC (blind carbon copy). This will avoid the faux pas of letting the entire guess list know who you invited and also prevents the problem of having one guest “reply to all” and spamming your entire guest list.