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Save the Date Postcards by Good on Paper – Updated

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Good on Paper is a local design shop based in Berkeley, California. The designer Lisa Wong Jackson has a great sense of style and her Save the Date postcards reflect a simple, California aesthetic. She draws inspiration from life around her including natural elements, organic shapes, and every day simple lines. In addition to partnering with Wedding Paper Divas on stationery she also has a collection of home products and baby products. Her items are also available in retails stores including Anthropologie. It’s definitely all good in my book!

The card on the left is called Exciting Event. I really like the bold grey font and the peach colored power stripes! The save the date postcard on the left is called Classic Calligraphy. This card is so classic indeed.

Cloud Frame
This is a simple Save the Date where the photo is the focus. It’s rounded out by a cloud in the center with important Save the Date info. What is great about Wedding Paper Divas Save the Date postcards is that you can have a special message to your guests printed on the other side. The cloud comes in different colors including aqua, blue, and purple. I really like the little dots that border the cloud. This Save the Date design works well with a muted color photo and particularly works well with black and white photos.

Timber Tag
Good on Paper loves to combine nature into its designs. This Timber Tag Save the Date postcard is no exception with a wood grain element paired with a simple white background. I like the choice of “green” font to go with the nature wedding marriage theme. You can choose different colors for the wood including khaki, grey, and brown. This Save the Date postcard can be paired with a sepia photo to give it a antique wedding celebration feel as you can see in the example below.

Update: Good on Paper has been featured in the latest issues of Brides magazine in the feature story on Leslie and Jeffrey’s wedding in Rutherford which is in wine country near Napa. The entire wedding looks fabulous and the wedding invitations and Save the Dates were beautiful.

Save the Date Postcards from Night Owl Paper Goods

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We recently discovered these wonderfully organic save the date postcards from Night Owl Paper Goods. Founded by Alan Henderson and Jennifer Tatham, Night Owl Paper Goods features modern, yet folksy save the dates which are full of unexpected whimsical details. The team draws inspiration from Swedish and American folk artists as well as the fantastic colors and charming animals found in nature.

Willowy Wood
We love the look of this beautiful one of a kind postcard. It really makes you feel as if the save the date was made of wood and etched with ever so delicate leaves. You can customize the color of the leaves but our favorite is Almond. Your guests are sure to remember this save the date when it arrives in the mail!

Rustic Refinement
Another one of our favorites from Night Owl Paper Goods is called Rustic Refinement. We love the square shape and rounded corners. The design is so simple, yet so stunning. Don’t forget that square cards will cost you a little extra postage – in this case we think it’s worth the investment!

More Save the Date Postcards by Magnolia Press

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Magnolia Press is one of my favorite designers and is the top designer for Save the Dates at Wedding Paper Divas. That’s why I just had to feature her designs again. You can tell from her designs why her cards are so popular. Below are two of my new favorites from her Save the Date postcard collection.

Restored Calendar
I like Save the Dates that incorporate calendars. It seem so à propos given that you are asking people to save the date in their calendars to come to your wedding. It’s cute in that you get to circle the day of the week in that month’s calendar and you can pick a single photo to include in the rustic looking card. This Save the Date postcard is simply perfect.

Elegant Occasion
This is a beautiful teal colored Save the Date postcard. It gives you the option to include three photographs and has a simple handwriting font. There’s a nice subtle design of the flowing script that trails at the top of and at the bottom of the photos.

Save the Date Postcards by Picturebook

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Picturebook was founded in 2001 by Liz Malherek & Kelly Verbrick. Their designs are focused on providing connections to people. Their flair is for the simple and yet contemporary. Like Apple they view minimalist design as the key to allow a design to best communicate the intentions of the sender. After all, your personal message to your friends and family in your Save the Date postcard is what is key.

Bright Calendar
I was told that this postcard is actually the 2nd most popular Save the Date in the entire Wedding Paper Divas collection! It is great in that it lets you pick up to 5 pictures to include so you get a ton of chances to show off your new engagement pictures. It’s got a bright color tone with the date of your wedding shown in colorful vivid colors. Just make sure to choose some bright and vivid photos and perhaps mix it up with some black and white photos too.

Sheer Script
This Save the Date postcard is supposedly the fourth most popular card. It is easy to see why it is so popular. It has a simple contemporary design with the Almond colored cursive style script of your wedding nuptials date. I like the text that says Megan and Michael are “tying the knot”. It’s so darling! The only downside is it is just a single photo. But sometimes when you have that one perfect photo of you and your fiancé that is all you need.

Save the Date Postcards by Jenny Romanski

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Jenny Romanski is the founder of Hello Little One. Her designs are modern and unique and we have featured our picks for Jenny’s best Save the Date Cards and best Save the Date magnets in the past.

The Save the Date postcard on the left is called Be There and has some great vibrant colors that really stand out from other postcards. It is simple and yet modern as all of her designs are. I know the sample does not include a location but I think you can edit and add that if needed.

The card on the right is called Book It and focuses more on the actual date of your wedding nuptials. I love aqua blue as a color and this one works well with the white border and black stripe. Sometimes the simplest of postcards are the best choice for your wedding Save the Dates. And remember darker colored postcards will stand up better in the mailing process since there is no envelope to protect the card. Jenny’s designs are available exclusively from Wedding Paper Divas as they have announced an exclusive partnership.

Save the Date Postcards by Pinkerton Design

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Pinkerton Designs is a Seattle based firm that is run by Penny Eversole. We have featured them in the past as they have some adorable designs for not just Save the Dates but also for holidays and birthday cards. I found out about Pinkerton through my husband who knows Penny’s husband from business school. Back then Pinkerton only sold it’s cards direct online as well as in local stationary stores in the greater Chicago area. But now they also have cards available at Wedding Paper Divas which is great. They have some wonderful Save the Date postcards. Two of my favorites are below….

Postage Tag
This is a wonderful choice as a Save the Date postcard. The words “Save the Date” are highlighted in light green font and a slate grey blue stripe balances it out on the bottom of the card. I love the interplay between the block letters of “Save” and “Date” that are separated by the cursive “the”. It makes it formal yet casual. The actual date of your wedding is included in a nice postage stamp look on the right that includes the date as the cost! How clever. Of course that is why this Save the Date postcard is called Postage Tag. All you need to do is choose a great engagement picture and you will be all set.

Diamond Date
I hope your fiance bought you the most beautiful diamond engagement ring! And if so perhaps you want a Save the Date postcard that plays up the diamond theme that is part of the engagement ritual. This Save the Date by Pinkerton Design does this in a humorous way by using a Diamond shape and creating a sky sign that tells your guests to Save the Date because we are getting hitched! It also drops the line at the bottom that you are “No Longer Available”. Yes congrats as you are officially taken and you want all your friends and family to know about it. The clouds in the background add to the light airy humor of the Save the Dates postcard.

Save the Date Postcards by Magnolia Press

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Magnolia Press is one of the top Save the Date card designers for Wedding Paper Divas. We have reviewed their Save the Date cards in the past here. I don’t know much about the company but I do know that they have some of the most amazing Save the Date postcards. The designs are truly spectacular taking all of the wonderful Save the Date card designs and translating them to the Save the Dates postcard medium.

My two absolute favorite Save the Dates designs from Magnolia Press are the Romantic Tab Postcard and the Stunning Ring Postcard. The silver colors and clean lines of the Romantic Tab postcard allow you to select up to four engagement photos to share with family and loved ones. The Stunning Ring is a really innovative design that puts your photo in the center of an engagement ring! How adorable is that? So adorable!

Below on the left, I also like the String Bow postcard design for a Save the Date postcard. It’s simple with just one photo that has a you guessed it string and bow running across the bottom. After all you are about to tie the knot and get married so why not let folks know in your Save the Dates. The banner across the bottom can include your names, date of the wedding, wedding venue, and more.

The card above on the right in bright red is called Heartfelt Handbill and it really jumps out at you with the rich, vibrant color of love! It reminds me of an old time movie poster and the small heart at the bottom near the wedding Save the Date is perfection defined.

Save the Date Postcards

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Save the Date Postcards are a great alternative to magnets or traditional cards. One benefit of the Save the Dates postcards is that they often are less expensive. Vendors typically provide a set price for cards and envelopes. So postcards are usually less expensive than traditional Save the Date card and envelopes because you don’t have to pay for envelopes. Also, postage costs are lower. According to the US postal service website, postcards cost $0.28 to mail vs. $0.44 for a standard letter. So that is a savings of $0.16 per card. That may not seem like a lot of money but if you have a lot of guests it can really add up. For example, for a 100 person wedding that is an increased cost of $16. But for a 300 person wedding that could be $48 in extra cost. Save the postage so that you can instead spend on something nice for yourself.

Postcards often come in similar designs to Save the Date cards. Wedding Paper Divas has some of the best Save the Date postcards.

Save the Date Postcard Par Avion

Save the Date Postcard Chic Label

Save the Date Postcard Restored Calendar

Another benefit is that Save the Date postcards can save you time as you don’t have to take the effort to place each card in an envelope and seal it. Trust me that my husband and I spent an entire 2 evenings stuffing envelopes and licking and closing the envelopes. My tongue can still taste all the glue from the envelopes!

Save the Date Postcard String Bow

Save the Date Postcard Stamp Overlay

Save the Date Postcard Formal Details

Please be aware that one downside of choosing a Save the Date postcard is that postcards have less privacy than letters that can be sealed in envelopes. So if you are concerned about the mail man seeing your wedding details you may want to consider Save the Date cards instead.

MagnetStreet Weddings has a great selection of Save the Date postcards. For example, check out the following beautiful postcard designs:

Save the Date Postcard Love of Irish

Save the Date  Postcard

Save the Date Postcard Sketched in Love

You can also buy Save the Date postcards from Zazzle. Here is an example of the front and back of one of the Zazzle offerings:

Postcards Front from Zazzle

Postcards Back from Zazzle