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Getting Creative with Save the Date Items

Traditional save the dates cards are a core part of celebrating a special occasion. Today, with the growth in design technology, however, you can create a save the date in virtually any printed format. Thinking beyond the basic structure for the designs, save the dates are limited only by your imagination. Our editors have seen some pretty amazing ideas, including custom mini-cakes with an announcement, special website messages and, even, a DVD-based save the date digital announcement. Get creative and start working on an idea that comes from your heart – here are some great examples to get you started:

Postcards for Destinations Weddings
Vacation, or destination, weddings are becoming increasingly popular. These weddings allow your guests to enjoy a long-distance trip and relax in an exotic destination with friends and family. Whether you are traveling with your guests to an Island destination, to a European resort or just to a regional getaway, you can start off a destination properly with an exciting save the date reminder. Keep in mind that for travel-based weddings, you’ll want to ensure your guests have proper lead time – so you may want to extend the expected send time from six to nine months. A great way to let your friends and family know about the event is to send a custom post-card reflecting the destination in question and include all of the details so they can (enthusiastically) start their plans early.

Snow Globes for Winter Weddings
If you’re planning a winter wedding, then you may want to spice up your save the dates with custom snow globes. Everyone is fond of bringing back snow globes from trips as gifts for our friends – kids and adults alike love shaking up the globes! You can now place your own custom message and imagery to show the bride and groom at their winter wedding, letting your guests know to save the date with a smile.

Custom Golf Balls for Resort Weddings
Whether you are an active golfer or not (certainly, some of your guests will be), ordering a custom golf ball printing can provide a creative way to let your guests know about your wedding date well in advance. And, printing custom text on a golf ball can be more affordable than you might think – especially since you can buy the golf balls at wholesale (and you don’t need the latest Tiger Woods sponsored ball to pull this off!) A simple printing can contain the name, date and location, and you can include tees and a custom note to start the festivities off right.

Save the Date Cookies and Cakes
There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked goods to get one’s heart racing. Well, you can get creative (and delectable!) with your save the dates by sending out home or bakery-made cookies with a message that your guests can savor. Keep in mind that, after eating the goods, you’ll want to also provide a note that will remain, so they can save the date even after enjoying the treat.