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Make Your Own Magnets

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With the nearly unlimited selection of save the dates online, chances are you can find a design similar to what you envision. To take your idea to the next level, however, you can also create your own save the dates magnets, giving them greater meaning and more significance than traditional reminders.

At, our editors consulted with some leading wedding planners who shared their step by step tips on how to create your very own save the date magnet:

First, you’ll want to use design software such as Photoshop. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, consider Photoshop Elements, or even the open-source GIMP design suite. These tools will help you realize professional results in less time, and you can even have your work refined by a professional graphic designer.

To start, set your canvas size to the envisioned size of the magnet. Once you have your canvas set, you should create several layers to try out your ideas – you can import photos, add blocks, gradients and, of course, text in varied fonts and colors. Experiment with the designs and get feedback from your spouse and relatives until you’ve settled on a design that you like. Once you have a solid design, save it in high resolution as a vector (.ai or .psd file) and take it to a local printing shop.

Now, you have a few options: you can either pay the printer to produce your design directly on magnetic stock, or you can print it on card stock and glue it to a magnetic material (this will save money, but can take time and patience.) Either way, it will feel great to know you’ve designed your own announcements.