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You can take your save the dates idea to a whole new level by employing a creative format. The key to getting creative with your idea is to envision a final product, and then look at the various options for the format that you utilize. Once you have a vision for the style, you can then begin to select a format that will allow you to showcase the particular design in question:

Interactive Puzzles
By taking the various frames of your design and having them printed on a puzzle, you guests can enjoy putting together the pieces of your save the date. Individually, the pieces aren’t clearly related to any particular idea, but, once put together, they will see the complete details and design that you envision. Puzzles are great because they serve an entertainment purpose well beyond their original construction.

Photo Strip
These aren’t any regular photo strips, however – you can send you guests a personalized version of those viewers with images that provide all the details of your special event, supplemented with picture of the happy couple, the location of the event and, even, pictures of your with select guests! Strips range from custom comics to sideshows, all tailored to your specifications.

Digital Scavenger Hunt
You can go digital with your save the date, by having your guests to on an on-line scavenger hunt for clues. By sending them to an initial website, they can work their way to a hidden page on your wedding site, where they can find all the details of your special event!