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The wording that you use for Save the Date cards or Save the Date magnets is typically very brief and concise. The goal as the name suggests is to let guests know the date of your wedding so that they don’t make any plans to travel or book other engagements. But of course, Save the Dates also serves two other important purposes namely to let your guests know that they are among the lucky individuals to be invited and also for those that do not already know to announce your engagement.

With this in mind make sure that the wording of Save the Date cards includes the following 3 key elements:

  • Who is getting married?
  • What is the date of the wedding?
  • Where is the city/location of the wedding?

Make sure to include the day, month, and year of your wedding. If you don’t know the exact venue of your wedding yet it is fine to include just the city of your wedding. That let’s folks who will need to travel know that they need to book airfare or other travel arrangements in advance.

Basic Save the Date Wording
A common example of the basic Save the Dates wording follows below:

Save the Date.
Alex Hartford & Evan Wright are getting married.
March 24, 2010
Seattle, Washington

Here is an actual example. The order of the wording is changed somewhat to make the focus on the date. But I think you will get the idea. Remember that sometimes choosing a specific Save the Date design requires you to use specific wording. Although many Save the Date vendors allow you to customize the text as you desire.

Formal Save the Date Wording
If you prefer more formal language for your Save the Date try using something like this

Please Save the Date for the wedding of
Samantha Walker & Benjamin Thompson
July 17th, 2010
San Francisco, California

Fun & Casual Save the Date Wording
Use this wording if you would like to use something more fun/casual and less formal:

Boy met Girl….
For the rest of the story
Please join us on August 28, 2010
For the wedding of Linda & Jacob in NYC

Note that some couples choose to just use first names and not include last names. This can work well and I like the casual approach if either you or your spouse has a unique first name. Or it can also work if you intend to have a smaller wedding with mostly close friends and family. Ultimately you have to decide if it makes sense for your own Save the Date wording.