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Save the Date Postcards

Save the Date Postcards are a great alternative to magnets or traditional cards. One benefit of the Save the Dates postcards is that they often are less expensive. Vendors typically provide a set price for cards and envelopes. So postcards are usually less expensive than traditional Save the Date card and envelopes because you don’t have to pay for envelopes. Also, postage costs are lower. According to the US postal service website, postcards cost $0.28 to mail vs. $0.44 for a standard letter. So that is a savings of $0.16 per card. That may not seem like a lot of money but if you have a lot of guests it can really add up. For example, for a 100 person wedding that is an increased cost of $16. But for a 300 person wedding that could be $48 in extra cost. Save the postage so that you can instead spend on something nice for yourself.

Postcards often come in similar designs to Save the Date cards. Wedding Paper Divas has some of the best Save the Date postcards.

Save the Date Postcard Par Avion

Save the Date Postcard Chic Label

Save the Date Postcard Restored Calendar

Another benefit is that Save the Date postcards can save you time as you don’t have to take the effort to place each card in an envelope and seal it. Trust me that my husband and I spent an entire 2 evenings stuffing envelopes and licking and closing the envelopes. My tongue can still taste all the glue from the envelopes!

Save the Date Postcard String Bow

Save the Date Postcard Stamp Overlay

Save the Date Postcard Formal Details

Please be aware that one downside of choosing a Save the Date postcard is that postcards have less privacy than letters that can be sealed in envelopes. So if you are concerned about the mail man seeing your wedding details you may want to consider Save the Date cards instead.

MagnetStreet Weddings has a great selection of Save the Date postcards. For example, check out the following beautiful postcard designs:

Save the Date Postcard Love of Irish

Save the Date  Postcard

Save the Date Postcard Sketched in Love

You can also buy Save the Date postcards from Zazzle. Here is an example of the front and back of one of the Zazzle offerings:

Postcards Front from Zazzle

Postcards Back from Zazzle