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Turquoise Creative

Turquoise Creative is the design shop of Misha Zadeh. Based in Seattle, Misha has a definite artist’s eye for exquisite detail. Her work often features rich texture, has a wonderful and graceful depth, and what I consider to be true individuality. As a child of two architects, Misha was encouraged to appreciate creating beautiful objects and she carries on that tradition to this day.

Blooming Tree
The Blooming Tree is a Save the Dates for weddings card that has an exquisite style with a touch of nature. It features brown branches that extend from the right with small cherry blossom like buds about to bloom. The names of the couple are printed in a rich red cursive font that matches the red buds of the branch.

Golden Gate
For all of you who are having weddings in San Francisco here is the card for you. The Golden Gate is a Save the Dates for weddings card that features the iconic golden gate bridge from one of the most romantic cities in the world. It comes in cherry red, slate blue, and chocolate. Choose the color that best matches your taste and let people know that you are getting married in the city by the bay.

Dreamy Reeds
This Save the Date card comes in a beautiful turquoise color and creates a clean and open look with the typography to the left and the reeds off on the right. It is a part of an overall set and you can get matching wedding invitations.